The College of Justice & Safety’s Networking and Information Systems Computer Labs offer the following services to our faculty, staff, and students:

One drop-in computer lab for students to do their homework, check their e-mail, etc. (236 Stratton Building)

Two computer classrooms, each with 27 stations for students and 1 station for the instructor. These labs are also equipped with a smartboard and projector for the instructor to use.

All of our computer labs are equipped with Dell computers which are loaded with the following software programs:
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access)
Norton Antivirus
SPSS (statistical program)

Our computer classrooms are also available for outside use on a limited basis and for a charge of $15.00 per person attending. This service is only available when a class has not been previously booked in the room. Our students are our top priority!

Technical Support